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Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer GS8500FX product information

The GlobalServer GS8500FX Model Group offers you a selection of central servers ideal for the Internet Age. The Model Group gives you the flexibility you need to respond immediately to the growing demand for processing capacity as the number of users and data volume expand, and delivers the kind of reliability that makes possible continuous round-the-clock operation.

The GS8500FX Model Group was designed and developed with the Earth's environment in mind. It saves space and energy, while offering the high-performance and dependability you require. The CPU features the latest CMOS technology, and at a space-saving 80 centimeters high, it is the perfect choice for any office.

The GlobalServer offers a multi-server configuration, enabling it to be linked up with UNIX and IA servers. Configured this way, it can function as the center for the system, making possible concentrated data processing.

GS8500FX Standard Model
GS8500FX Disk Mounted Model