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GS21 600

Constructing information systems for a broadband age

The design requirements of Enterprise Information systems based on broadband Internet must include:

GS21 600
  1. Capability to handle ever increasing transaction throughput and high-volumes of information,
  2. Expansion capability that matches sudden changes in data quantity and business volume,
  3. High reliability and the capability to be driven continuously -24/7.

To meet these broadband requirements Fujitsu's GlobalServer GS21 600 model group, using CMOS technology, provides such new information systems requirements with high system performance in excess of 3,000MIPS.
As a high-end server it can also deliver the highest in reliability from leading parallel technology.
As the core of a data center, the tremendous power goes beyond improved reliability, to provide operational improvements across the total system and network.

Key GS21 600 model group features

Leading 0.13 μm (copper wire) CMOS technology employed
System performance in excess of 3000MIPS
Max. 128GB main memory, max.128GB system storage
Open network adaptors (ONA) for gigabit Ethernet connection
Support for dual power supply

Model 10S, 10, 20S, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160
No. of CPU 1 to 16
Main Memory Max. 128GB
System Storage Memory Max. 128GB
Channels Max. 256
Supported channel types BMC, OCLINK, FCLINK, ONA
Cryptographic Processors Max. 16
Dual power Options (Cluster, System storage unit)
Frame name Size (mm) Power Requirement
Width Depth Height
Processing Unit 1,670 936 1,800 3.4 - 6.6 11,500 - 23,860 850 - 1,000
Expansion cabinet 784 936 1,800 0.2 - 2.5 680 - 8,800 330 - 400

High-Speed CMOS Servers

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Highest possible system performance

Highest possible performance is achieved by use of gigahertz class CMOS processors with leading 0.13 μm copper technology. This is further enhanced by on-processor L2 cache memory for greater efficiency and worlds best 3000MIPS performance and the availability of high-density packaging and on-board memory up to a maximum of 128GB.

Broadband Internet Capability

Both channel and LAN are enabled for gigabit Ethernet Open Network Adaptors (ONA). Support for direct connection based no 1000BASE-/SX/T, ensures an optimum Broadband Internet network environment.

Open Systems Conformance

Open systems (UNIX, Windows) high speed file support and flexible multi-server environment support, ensure highly productive system construction.

High reliability hardware

GlobalServers come as standard with a wide range of high reliability features:

Hardware instruction retry

If during command processing a problem occurs, the instruction is automatically re-executed.

Automatic fail-back

Hardware memory functions such as cache memory and Translation Look-aside Buffers (TLB) have degeneration functions that ensure processing continues even if partial failure occurs.

Automatic assignment of alternate memory

For the maintenance of important instruction data in system storage and main memory, spare chips are assigned to enable hard faults to be overcome automatically. In addition, at fixed intervals, a patrol mechanism internally investigates memory to provide pre-failure alerts.

Duplex power source

Electric power can be supplied from two separate sources. This ensures that if one source fails, for some reason, power supply to the system is maintained.