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GS21 200A

Constructing information systems for a broadband age

The design requirements of Enterprise Information systems based on broadband Internet must include:

GS21 200A
  1. Capability to handle ever increasing transaction throughput and high-volumes of information,
  2. Expansion capability that matches sudden changes in data quantity and business volume,
  3. High reliability and the capability to be driven continuously -24/7.

To meet these broadband requirements Fujitsu's GlobalServer GS21 200A model group, using CMOS technology, provides such new information systems requirements with high system performance.
As a low-end server it can also deliver the highest in reliability from leading parallel technology.

Key GS21 200A model group features

  • Leading 0.13 μm (copper wire) CMOS technology employed
  • Open network adaptors (ONA) for gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Built-in Communication Control Processor (INP2) supports up to 32 connections
  • Support for dual power supply
Model 10K, 10L, 10M, 10N, 10P, 10Q, 10R, 10S
No. of CPU 1
Main Memory Max. 4GB
Channels Max. 97
Supported channel types BMC, OCLINK, FCLINK, ONA
Dual power Standard
Frame name Size (mm) Power Requirement
Width Depth Height
Processing Unit 700 1001 1400 0.58 370
Expansion cabinet 725 1001 1,400 0.41 320