Digital IT solutions for Energy Industry

For energy and utilities providers, digital transformation offers new ways to connect customers, assets, employees and derive actionable intelligence from IT. It provides a means to keep pace with the commercial, regulatory and technology changes affecting the industry, and enables better interaction with customers living in a connected world.

Transform with confidence

Fujitsu is one of the top 5 digital IT service and solutions providers in the world. We develop and deliver innovative energy and utilities solutions that create new opportunities for our customers. We work with energy and utilities providers from around the globe. We invest 2 billion dollars (US) in research and development each year to create innovative world-leading digital technology, services and end-to-end solutions that can enable you to digitalise with confidence. Through our connected infrastructure, workforce and supply chain management offerings we can help you to; drive operational excellence, leverage assets, unlock complexity, and create new business opportunities. We have the proven experience and expertise you need to:

  • develop intelligent assets
  • build a smart workforce
  • maintain the security and safety of both your data and people
  • unlock innovation
  • grow revenue
  • address the energy trilemma of ‘affordability’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘security’

Drive operational excellence through a connected workforce

Discover how Fujitsu can help you unlock the reality of an always connected workforce. Where your infrastructure is connected, your assets are intelligent and information is available to employees anywhere, anytime.

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Predictive Maintenance
    With our Intelligent Engineering approach, we deliver proactive support that’s focused on business outcomes. Using analytics, we predict potential problems and resolve them before they become issues to ensure that your business remains up and running.
  • Intelligent Dashboard
    With our Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard, we provide a window on manufacturing optimization. Dashboard delivers a single real-time view of your entire operation, with management reporting and drill down to machines and processes for root cause analysis.
  • SAP Solutions
    We have wide-ranging experience in the design and implementation of SAP platforms and services for energy industry. We can help you monitor, control, and optimize your processes.
  • Cloud-Based Services
    With our Fujitsu Cloud services and solutions, we help you to transform how you operate, integrate into supply chains and make products. We work with you to co-create a solution to reduce costs and increase your competitive edge.
  • Digital Supply Chain  
    With our Fujitsu GlobeRanger suite of solutions, we ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility, traceability, security, and efficiency – from goods in right through to customer delivery.
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM) 
    With our ServiceNow offering, we help to deliver business services smarter, better and faster. ServiceNow enables the journey to the smart factory by leveraging automation, improving IT service management and reducing reporting complexity.
  • Workplace Services
    With Workplace Anywhere we connect people, data, applications, processes, and devices in a secure way. We offer a blended managed service that provides access to traditional, virtual and mobile to deliver an agile and connected workforce.
  • Security
    We work in partnership with world-leading security vendors. We are experts in protecting systems, processes and customer data.
  • Platform for Digital Business 
    With our digital Platform-as-a-Service - RunMyProcess we deliver end-to-end digital systems that connect people, software and things to transform your operation.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    With Fujitsu Robotic Process Automation, you can increase your operational efficiency, deliver productivity improvements, minimize costs, reduce human error, and enhance your customer experience.
  • Artifitial Intelligence (AI) and IoT
    By combining the power of IoT with digital technologies, AI, and network solutions we deliver a 360-degree view of how your business is running and performing 24/7. We connect objects across your entire operation enabling you to automate processes, anticipate issues, and build better products.

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