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Intelligent Engineering

Reactive, proactive, preventive
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Pro-active intelligently engineered IT support.

At Fujitsu, we recognise the negative impact outages can have on revenue, business reputation and customer satisfaction, which is why we have developed a support service offering that provides far more than the standard reactive delivery model.
We’re proud to say that there’s nothing standard about our IT support, it’s not just reactive, it’s also proactive, predictive and preventative. Using Intelligent Engineering , we predict potential problems before they occur and prevent them from ever happening, to ensure your business remains up and running 24/7/365. In doing so we;

  • drive down incident rates
  • minimize issue resolution times
  • reduce downtime
  • deliver cost efficiencies

We continually look to improve and innovate, be this through our ConnectIT Bar service that provides end-users with a walk-up service delivered in Head Office locations, or through our CARE service that provides dedicated expert engineers who deliver proactive issue resolution, training and support to retail locations.

Fujitsu IT support includes multivendor hardware and software products, and specialized retail systems. Our Managed Rollout & Lifecycle Support Service delivers the right systems, to the right place, at the right time. This includes mass rollouts, automated or customized installations, de-installations, relocations and upgrades. Our rollout and project management expertize covers installation, localization analysis, system disposal, data migration and training.

Intelligent Engineering is our NEW approach to engineering. Rather than waiting for things to break, IE predicts problems before they may occur.


Intelligent Engineering Brochure White Paper Thought leadership content
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Intelligent Engineering White Paper Thought leadership content
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Intelligent Engineering – Less downtime, more productivity
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Intelligent engineering: less downtime, more productivity  
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White Paper: Proactive & Predictive: The intelligent approach to maximising uptime
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