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  6. Fujitsu’s CaseM takes the Finnish National Board of Education towards paperless environment

Fujitsu’s CaseM takes the Finnish National Board of Education towards paperless environment

Helsinki, 30 June, 2015 Fujitsu Finland Oy and the Finnish National Board of Education have signed an agreement on the implementation of a CaseM case management system, and support and maintenance services. Over the upcoming years, the Board of Education is planning to move entirely over to a digital environment.

The Board of Education wanted a case management system that will serve its information systems as automatically as possible, while supporting the process of digitization. In line with the government’s data management strategy, the processing and storage of printed documents will be given up entirely in the coming years.

”Through digital information management, we aim at improved operational efficiency, that is, well-oiled and centrally controlled document management processes. A smooth case management flow will also bring cost-savings,” says Project Manager Maarit Kivelä at the Board of Education.

The set of systems will handle case management, the management of documents and workflows, a centralized information management system, and a digital archive.

The Board of Education receives a finished product that only requires some minor tailoring. When defining the selection criteria for the competitive bidding process, usability was prioritized high, which tipped the scale in Fujitsu’s favor.

”We wanted a system that our large group of officials will find easy to use. Fujitsu’s solution was number one in usability. The user interface in CaseM is clear and stripped of everything unnecessary,” Kivelä says.

”In our opinion, professionals who know their job must be able to use the system they need in doing it without sweat. Previously, case management has in many an organization found to be complex, but CaseM is as user-friendly as can be. You don’t have to be a case management expert to know how to use our system,” says Sales Director Jari Vuori at Fujitsu.

CaseM is a modular off-the-shelf solution that allows easy deployment. First the customer selects the functions it needs, which is followed by a quick deployment project. It is also easily integrable to other systems, thanks to its open interfaces.

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Fujitsu Finland Oy
Satu Pelttari, Communications Director
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The Finnish National Board of Education

The Finnish National Board of Education is the national development agency responsible for primary and secondary education as well as for adult education and training. The activities of the Finnish National Board of Education include implementing national education policies, preparing the national core curricula and requirements for qualifications, developing education and teaching staff as well as providing services for the education sector and administrative services. The Finnish National Board of Education employs approximately 250 professionals. Read more at:


Fujitsu on johtava japanilainen ict-yritys, joka tarjoaa laajan valikoiman teknologiatuotteita sekä ict-ratkaisuja ja -palveluja. Noin 140 000 fujitsulaista palvelee asiakkaita yli sadassa maassa. Hyödynnämme kokemustamme ja ict:n mahdollisuuksia muokataksemme tulevaisuutta yhdessä asiakkaidemme kanssa. Fujitsun liikevaihto oli 4,1 triljoonaa jeniä (39 miljardia USD) 31.3.2018 päättyneellä tilikaudella. Lisää tietoa:

Date: 30 June, 2015
City: Helsinki