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Blow the whistle – Fujitsu’s Speakup to Compliance programme

We believe in doing business the right way. That means complying with all local laws and regulations, but it also means behaving in a way that’s fair and appropriate. We hold all of our employees to a high standard of behaviour.
Fujitsu EMEIA has a whistleblower programme for Employees and Third Parties in place.

All Fujitsu Group Employees in EMEIA
(including seconded, contracted, part-time and short-term employees, and temporary staff)
[Compliance Line / Fujitsu Alert]

Employees of Third Parties in EMEIA
(including suppliers, customers and other third parties)

Speakup-to-compliance is the EMEIA whistleblowing programme for Third Parties. It enables suppliers, customers and other third parties to report breaches of our ethical standards.
If you’re aware of any activity or behaviour which doesn’t meet this standard, please tell us. If you’d like to remain completely anonymous, please contact us by post at the address below. If you would like feedback, please email us or use the form below to submit details of the incident you wish to report. 
Speakup-to-compliance forbids any and all sanctions against suppliers, customers and other third parties for making such reports, and meticulous care is taken in handling the information so as to preserve their anonymity.
You are encouraged to report actual or suspected breaches of our Global Business Standards, for example:
  • Violations of laws, regulations, or local customs
  • Conflicts of interest, insider trading, or any unfair business practice
  • Violations of confidentiality or intellectual property rights
  • Misuse of organization assets
  • Inappropriate acceptance or offer of gifts, entertainment, or gratuities
If problems are found in investigating these reports, the relevant practice is terminated and measures are taken to prevent recurrence. Fujitsu applies a zero-tolerance approach with respect to criminal misconduct.
You can reach Speakup-to-compliance via:


 Mail: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
        Compliance EMEIA Speakup
        Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 8
        80807 München