Most human activity depends on geographic information - on knowing where things are and understanding how they relate to each other. Geographic information is part of our daily lives, whether we use it to make decisions about land, social or environmental issues, to respond to emergencies, or just to find our way as efficiently as possible.

For over 30 years, we have been successfully developing and delivering world class Geographic Information Systems (GIS), from GIS visioning, strategy and architecture to development, implementation, support and maintenance. We have 500 projects behind us in over 30 countries, conducted for government and private sector clients working in a wide variety of market sectors, including land management, natural resources, environment, utilities, energy, transportation and oil & gas.

Our expertise is based on a team of 100 experts in the field and is fully integrated with some 2,400 IT practitioners that the company employs in the country.

Our cutting-edge expertise encompasses a variety of areas, such as:

  • GIS applications and solutions;
  • GIS enterprise integration;
  • geospatial Web services;
  • geographic data warehouses;
  • spatial data infrastructures (policies and standards, portals, metadata, etc.); and
  • technologies (i.e. ESRI, Intergraph, Latitude, Open Source, Smallworld, Autodesk, FME, etc.).

The GIS services offered by Fujitsu Canada include: system design (preliminary analysis and architecture), system development and implementation, application maintenance, research and development, marketing services, tools and solutions.

Our flexible approach, our recognized methodology and our successes in delivering high quality GIS solutions have enabled us to build long standing partnerships with a number of public and private organizations

Fujitsu’s GIS solution centers are well equipped to provide state of the art, world class services, and our experts have access not only to Open Source tools, but also to COTS products from various vendors such as Esri, Intergraph, Latitude Geographics and Mapinfo. Our solution centers have installations of RDBMS software, including Oracle Spatial, PostGIS and SQL Server, and provide access to a full range of hardware, networking infrastructure and different versions of various GIS-related software products that might be required to conduct off-site development for clients, which we have done successfully on numerous projects.

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