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Connected Retail

With Connected Retail, Fujitsu is helping retail brands and chains around the world serve their customers in new and better ways, day and night.

Consumer behavior, ubiquitous mobile and social lifestyle, digitalization and new technology are all changing the business especially in retail sector. Today’s empowered consumers are now better informed, have greater choice and more flexibility in the way they move between channels and make purchase decisions. All this presents retailers with major challenges but also major opportunities.

With Connected Retail, Fujitsu is helping retail brands and chains around the world serve their customers in new and better ways, day and night. Working side by side with retail teams, we are establishing connected, omni-channel enterprise strategies that deliver seamless customer experiences in the face of rising expectations.

We aim to help you improve efficiencies, know your customers better, and grow your business with solutions that solve current challenges and create new opportunities. Everything we do in the retail arena is geared towards these three growth directives.

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Fujitsu Retail in Finland

Fujitsu's retail offerings

Fujitsu is delivering comprehensive value for over 500 retailers in 52 countries and powering over 82,000 stores worldwide. We make strong development efforts in innovative retail solutions and services to support our customers’ changing business needs where ever they operate.

In Finland our countrywide onsite service organization is always close to the stores, which ensures fast and high-quality support. Our skilled specialists on all support levels provide efficient and high quality support for retailers and their high volume store operations.

We have supported our customers business and operations over 30 years, and there are 2 000 stores and 12 000 checkouts within Fujitsu’s service in Finland. 

We offer you global solutions with the support of our global delivery centers. With us you can expand your business safely and in a consistent way where ever you operate. 

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Fujitsu’s Application Performance Management Service enables retailers to monitor and optimize their digital services and customer experience.

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