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  7. Finland Helsingin Sanomat launched free WLAN service

Finland Helsingin Sanomat launched free WLAN service

syyskuuta 22, 2006

Data communications expert Teemu Riekki of Fujitsu above the roofs of Helsinki, installing connectors to a base station cable.

Helsingin Sanomat, the publisher of the biggest daily newspaper in Finland, launched a free WLAN service covering the company's headquarters, Sanomatalo, and its proximity in downtown Helsinki.

Fujitsu provided the Sanomatalo WLAN with equipment, installation and support services.

"By establishing its own network, Helsingin Sanomat makes a statement about the significance of open city networks. They offer new opportunities to participate and be active", says Anders Stenbäck, Manager, Business Development at Helsingin Sanomat.

Base stations cover almost all in-door public areas in the newspaper building, and tens of metres around it. The network can be accessed from the nearby Kiasma museum's lawn as well as from the cafés at the railway station and while waiting a bus at Eliel square.

Log-in does not require password verification. The default home page is, the on-line service of Helsingin Sanomat. From there you can navigate to any websites you wish.

Fujitsu implemented also the fixed network for Sanomatalo when it was built in 1999.

About Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest daily subscription-based newspaper in Scandinavia. It is also Finland's leading national paper, which is read by more than three-fourths of the residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area and by a quarter of all Finns.

Date: 22 syyskuuta, 2006