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Data Sheets

To find out more about Fujitsu network solutions and platforms, download our data sheets. These data sheets provide a descriptive summary of the applications, features and technical specifications for a product or solution.

White Papers

Written by acknowledged industry experts, each of our white papers covers a topic or problem in detail. The diverse list of topics encompasses key technical and business issues that face service providers in a fast-changing industry.

Application Notes

If you are interested in general information about a particular application, review our application notes. These provide perspectives on our platforms, solutions and services. Each considers a specific technical need in a specific industry context.


For expert perspective on specific solutions or industry and technical topics, review our technology and solution briefs.


View Fujitsu video coverage of a wide range of industry events and topics. The list includes on-the-spot interviews, expert panel sessions and documentary-style features.


Listen to in-depth, up-to-the-minute insights from our industry experts. Our webinars offer guidance and learning opportunities in an audio presentation format.

Awards & Milestones

Customers and analysts alike recognize Fujitsu for innovation, excellence and achievement. We’ve been honored both for our products and for our commitment to quality, reliability and customer service.


This page contains downloadable product / platform photos and company logos.