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Low Latency

Low latency

Latency-Sensitive Applications

Highly interactive, real-time applications are vulnerable to even the smallest time delays in getting data across a network. Achieving the lowest possible latency is crucial in many industries and applications, even as transaction volume and overall demand have escalated. In financial, commercial and banking systems, a millisecond advantage can be valued in millions of dollars. In online gaming and other on-demand services, time delays can ruin the all-important quality of experience. Storage-Area Networking and cloud computing systems are also highly vulnerable to latency.

Fujitsu Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) optical networking platforms, such as the FLASHWAVE 7420 system, are ideal for latency-intolerant applications. These platforms offer the high bandwidth and flexibility needed to service real-time applications, dramatically reducing delay in building-to-building optical transport connections.

Fujitsu Latency-Optimized Solutions

At Fujitsu, we consult closely with our customers to develop total solutions to business needs. We engineer networks specifically to address potential sources of latency, such as color conversion, inline amplification, dispersion compensation and electrical regeneration. Our latency-optimized solutions combine ultra low-latency hardware with engineering and design expertise to keep delays from degrading the performance of real-time networks.