Mobile Backhaul

To support rising demand for wireless broadband, carriers are under pressure to update mobile backhaul networks. This means adding capacity and offering new services such as connection-oriented Ethernet.


Developed to meet the standards set forth in the Open ROADM MSA, this solution meets the need for a modular, scalable multivendor network with pay-as-you-grow financial flexibility.

Core Network Transport

Next-generation core transport platforms need to combine packet aggregation agility, traditionally found only in more costly, feature-rich service elements, with bulk transport scalability and operational stability.

Enterprise / Commercial Services

Retail enterprise and eCommerce services are migrating steadily from using traditional TDM services (such as T1, E1, T3, SONET, and SDH) to Ethernet services. This migration is reducing cost for the carriers while increasing the flexibility of service offerings for their customers.

Low Latency

Achieving the lowest possible network latency is crucial in highly interactive, real time applications. Fujitsu offers latency-optimized solutions that are ideal for delay-intolerant applications.

Data Center Interconnect

These solutions solve the space, power and cost challenges facing data centers, easing bottlenecks and reducing total cost of ownership.

Wireless Infrastructure Solutions

Fujitsu wireless access and transport platforms provide cost-effective solutions for expanding coverage and reducing interference and traffic strain.

New Optical Networks

The New Optical Networks solution not only meets known bandwidth needs, it also provides the assurance that capacity can be added at any time, in-service, to address unexpected demands.

Packet-Driven Networks

The Fujitsu Packet-Driven Networks solution meets growing capacity demands with 100 GbE service delivery.

Teleprotection Networks

Teleprotection networks help utilities watch over the power grid, which demands the highest standards of reliability and service performance.

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