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Fujitsu XpressWay – a new way to get more from your IT

Case studies
XpressWay from Fujitsu is a pay-for-what-you-use, outcome-focused consultancy service. We provide a modular approach that allows you to pick and choose the expert components you need to address your most pressing business problems.

XpressWay IT consultancy offers expert strategies for all business sectors

Workplace productivity

For an international law firm, we defined and implemented a mobility strategy for workplace anywhere.

The challenge: To develop an IT infrastructure capable of providing a more flexible and efficient way of mobile working.

The approach: Using XpressWay’s 4 stage module process we evaluated all of the business and working requirements, expected benefits and potential risks to develop an effective solution. We provided a graphic roadmap that linked the investment benefits of mobility with our customer’s business objectives.

The outcome: We devised a strategy that utilised suitable mobile devices to enable work from anywhere and at any time.

The benefit: Our expert led mobile strategy was quickly rolled out globally.

Data effectiveness

For a Government agency we designed and implemented an innovative solution for the rapid dissemination of life-saving information.

The challenge: To update a vital warning system, developed before mobile technology, to a modern day solution fully compatible with today’s increased demands.

The approach: We ran workshops to discover gaps in the old system. We assessed those areas in need of change and developed a vision for the future.

The outcome: We developed a working app to efficiently deliver the critical services needed.

The benefit: Using our XpressWay approach we have significantly improved the flow of information at critical times.

Hybrid IT

For a borough council we developed an Oracle ERP Cloud solution for its financial management systems.

The challenge: To develop a strategy which allows the council to deliver as much as possible online, helping them to cut spending by £28.8 million by 2018.

The approach: We consulted to develop a solution that involved moving all financial management systems to Oracle ERP Cloud.

The outcome: The borough council became the first to run open architecture and adopt Oracle Financials Cloud. Users are now provided with an intuitive service and can navigate the system far more easily and quickly than before.

The benefit: Our managed service solution has offered the council substantial business benefits in the form of significant cost savings and much improved reporting.

Digital Enablement

We helped a European justice department to become digitally enabled.

The challenge: To develop and implement a solution to enable the digital recording of all in-court hearings.

The approach: We developed several technical solutions such as web apps to enable recording via tablet and PC.

The outcome: We introduced digital recording to more than 600 courtrooms. Our solution included a digital signature and centralised storage for increased security. Lawyers can now easily view court sessions via a web portal.

The benefit: A faster and more agile justice system that saves 5 million euros per year.

Reasons to choose Fujitsu XpressWay IT consulting
  • Our IT consultancy service provides real value for money.
  • We offer a modular approach to consulting where costs and the required outcome are agreed from the outset.
  • Our expert-led strategies can be implemented in a matter of weeks and not months.
  • We have a proven track record helping organisations from across all sectors to increase productivity, improve security and embrace digitalisation.
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