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Fujitsu IT Strategy and Effectiveness

IT strategy from the IT experts

Your strategy is central to your business success. A good strategy enables your business to be efficient, agile and profitable. Our strategy experts help create this strategy with you, analysing options, managing stakeholders and harmonising viewpoints, to ensure you get the best outcome. Thorough, independent and direct, we can provide support around:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Options Appraisal
  • Blueprint - Defining the new Target Operating Model and workforce changes required
  • Business Case
  • Benefits planning and business case creation

We run some of the largest and most complex operations in both public and private sector IT. We’re also one of the world’s foremost IT innovators – so we can provide a truly expert perspective. We have our own proven approaches but we can work with any software and tools. We don’t just try and sell you our own solutions. We can work with other suppliers or partners in a genuine and open collaboration to identify the best combination of technologies to tackle your problems.

Our agile service analyses your business requirements, creates a detailed plan to implement it, and develops a compelling business case to justify the investment. We communicate with all of the important stakeholders in your business, ensuring that the whole process is stress-free, seamless and efficient.

For example, if you are considering your digital strategy we can provide a suite of services through our XpressWay framework that will allow you to define:

  • Your digital vision
  • The roadmap to achieving this vision
  • Your readiness for change
  • The case for change