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Activ8 Innovation Service


Fujitsu has a long and proven track record of technology innovation and this is at the centre of how we deliver services to our customers. Building on this reputation, Fujitsu has invested heavily to create a team of dedicated innovation specialists, supported by a trademarked delivery framework. This innovation service is called Activ8.

Working directly with customers or through their Fujitsu account team, the Activ8 team will apply its wide ranging experience to create innovation initiatives designed to overcome specific business challenges.

Activ8 represents Fujitsu’s commitment to innovating with and for our customers and is therefore not chargeable as a service. Complex solutions that are generated as part of the innovation process may require investment however.

A flexible framework for Innovation

The Activ8 team use an eight-step, trademarked framework based on industry best practice to deliver innovation for our customers. While we have a standard approach to innovation, we believe that the creation of ideas and solutions should not be overly constrained by process and theory. To that end we are always happy to work with customers to produce and screen innovative ideas in a way which suits their organisation and needs.


The right technology to enable Innovation

Our approach is supported by a world class innovation software platform that enables disparate groups of people across organisations to come together virtually, submit and discuss ideas, and then vote on them.

This platform facilitates discussions and the sharing of ideas between people who may never meet, allowing us to leverage the creative thinking and technical expertise in Fujitsu and apply it to solve a variety of business challenges.

Fujitsu’s Innovation Centre

The Activ8 team are also available to design and host tailored workshops at our newly refurbished innovation centre in London. These workshops can be used to explore the customer’s business strategy and identify relevant challenges or to undertake horizon scanning sessions where we demonstrate the art of the possible through our latest technological innovations.

Activ8 Centre1
Activ8 Centre2

Digital Ideas Library

Successful innovation activity is fuelled by ideas; new ideas that provoke change or old ideas that can be applied in new ways. Over time, through numerous innovation initiatives, we have built up a wealth of ideas across a range of sectors and stored them in our digital Ideas Library.

This comprehensive reference catalogue allows us to monitor trends and, in some cases, suggest pre-existing, applicable Fujitsu solutions to new customers.