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Fujitsu M10 Servers

Fujitsu M10 servers are flexible and scalable systems that deliver high performance and mission-critical RAS for enterprise-class workloads. These servers provide unmatched scalability from 1 to 64 CPUs utilizing a modular architecture that allows enterprises to start with only what's needed today and expand as their business grows.

Fujitsu M10-1

Fujitsu M10-1 The Fujitsu M10-1 server is a space saving, entry-level server with high performance, high reliability and no-cost virtualization ideal for data center integration and virtualization.
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Fujitsu M10-4

Fujitsu M10-4 The Fujitsu M10-4 server is a compact, high-performance, 64-core midrange server utilizing up to four SPARC64 X processors in a small 4U form factor which is ideal for deploying mission-critical applications.
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Fujitsu M10-4S

Fujitsu M10-4S The Fujitsu M10-4S server is a modular system that combines building blocks for creating a scale-up server with up to 64 processors and up to 32 TB of memory, or for deployment in a scale-out configuration.
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Features Benefits
Mainframe-class RAS features including automatic recovery with instruction retry, memory with error-correcting code (ECC) protection and extended ECC support, guaranteed data path integrity, and configurable memory mirroring High availability to support the most demanding mission-critical applications
Software-on-Chip instructions in SPARC64 X processor hardware Accelerates key software functions
Core-level CPU activation Minimize initial investment and expensive upgrades by scaling resources as needed
Hybrid cooling technology - Liquid Loop Cooling (LLC) New cooling method combining the strengths of liquid and air cooling resolving a number of problems that exist in server cooling technology
Support of Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10 Assures investment protection with the Oracle Solaris binary compatibility guarantee