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How Systemwalker Works

Systemwalker products are integrated into the Systemwalker Framework, a system management infrastructure that includes a management information repository that is shared by all products. These include products that support complete lifecycle management and most categories of service management, and can be grouped by the ways they compliment each other to aid your company in various operations:

Lifecycle management

Systemwalker /CentricMGR
An integrated suite of applications that provides a complete IT resource lifecycle management solution.

Facilitates the recovery of PC environments, backup and restoration of user data, and scheduling of recovery times.

Facilitates remote support and training.

Job management

A comprehensive job management suite for distributed systems that provides an effective service management solution.

Monitors and manages Solaris system resources required for status display and execution of the Network Queuing System.

Performance management

Provides capacity planning and performance management for Windows and UNIX systems.

Web-based SSO management

An e-business portal infrastructure that provides multiple levels of security for information assets while offering single sign-on and personalized interfaces.
Distributed administrative tools use a rules-and-roles approach to simplify managing large numbers of users.

Large-scale IP backbone management

Systemwalker/IP NetMGR
Monitors your network or defined groups on the network to check for performance outside the approved target ranges.

Web-based service management

Tracks web site usage and monitor the status of web, proxy, mail and DNS servers.

Application management

Systemwalker for Oracle
Permits integrated, centralized management of Oracle databases distributed across the network.

Systemwalker for Systems Management Server
Permits scheduled, automated software distribution through SMS.

Storage Management

Supports integrated backup of storage attached network (SAN) resources, centralized management of storage resources, disk space monitoring, magnetic tape library management and backup status monitoring.

Web browser interface support

You can access Systemwalker functions either from the Systemwalker console or from a browser. The ability to access Systemwalker through a browser enables network managers to perform job monitoring and job management from anywhere at anytime. This feature is of particular importance for companies that outsource management of their IT systems and for service providers that offer system management services.