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Fujitsu Launches Series of New Scanning Products Entry - Level Document Scanner for Any Business Use

Singapore, May 25, 2015

Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions today announced the launch of the SP Series(*1) SP-1120, SP-1125 and SP-1130 scanner models, which are designed to assist document digitalization with optimal output image quality for everyday business needs at an affordable price. Compact in size but packed full of user-friendly features and productive software, the SP Series is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, especially in regions experiencing rising growth. The SP Series takes the lead as a competitive, entry-level business scanner(*2), especially for a high growth market, suitable for any business use.FUJITSU Image Scanner SP-1120/SP-1125/SP-1130

FUJITSU Image Scanner SP-1120/SP-1125/SP-1130

(ADF*3 Duplex Model)

Key features of the SP Series SP-1120, SP-1125 and SP-1130 include:

1. Compact Size Scanner For A Wide Range Of Users 
The SP Series is compact in size, so it can be used at the desk or at reception where space is limited. Ideal for office branches, SMEs, and any desk-bound users, this series’ versatility can best fit users across different platforms and business usages. 

2. User Friendly
The simple and easy-to-use design can minimize the scanning procedures and reduce human-error. The SP Series has a simple operation panel with only 2 buttons (Scan/Stop and Power), which can be preset with any software supporting TWAIN and ISIS. With speeds ranging from 20, 25 and 30ppm (A4 color, duplex 200/300dpi), the scanning speed is maintained even at 300dpi. The SP Series helps users finish scanning tasks in the shortest time possible.

Despite its compact size, it is equipped with a brake roller to accurately separate each page. The automatic document feeder(*3) (ADF) holds up to 50 sheets(*4) at a time and an ultra-sonic sensor accurately detect multi feed, giving users an exceptional level of scanning efficiency without the need for much interference. With the introduction of the new ‘brake roller mechanism’, the SP Series is able to handle various documents from thin to thick paper (50-209g/m2), as well as plastic cards(*5) for various tasks and applications. In the case of over-the-counter services, application forms and plastic ID cards can be scanned concurrently to avoid a longer waiting time for customers. 

3. Productive Software For High Growth Market

Inheriting advanced image processing driver from the fi-series scanners, namely PaperStream IP,the new SP series is also bundled with ABBYYTM FineReaderTM Sprint(*6). These two software combined, increases the productivity of any business in getting high quality images at minimal user setting as well as high accuracy OCR as it supports up to 109 languages including Thai and Vietnamese – perfect for the high growth market needs.      

  •  PaperStream IP - Automatically creates the most suitable image data: The PaperSteam IP driver, which supports TWAIN/ISIS, not only self-detects the document size, simplex/duplex and rotation, but also automatically converts the images into exceptionally clean images; even when scanning wrinkled, soiled or documents with a background pattern, ensuring a better OCR accuracy and outcome. Significantly, these impressively clean images are achieved without any user intervention required throughout the whole scanning process. 
  •  ABBYYTM FineReaderTM Sprint – User can create searchable files using the paper document management, allowing users to retrieve files at their convenience. The scanned data can be converted to searchable PDF or office documents such as Microsoft® Word to be utilized in day to day work tasks. The OCR processing is able to handle 109 languages, making it an especially valuable feature in a mixed-language environment.

“Our new SP Series has been tailored to meet the rising needs of scanning”, said Assistant Vice President Yasunori Miyauchi, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd (Platform Products, Imaging). “We have performed years of research to manufacture a scanner that truly fits our customers’ ever demanding but basic digitalization needs. The SP Series scans quickly but is compact. There is no learning curve to this scanner, it is intuitive and designed to be operated by anyone, even those who may have limited or no knowledge of scanning. With the SP Series, you can easily use the information from printed documents by digitization.”

List price and release date
List price and release schedule vary from sales region to sales region.

ISIS is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation in the United States.
ABBYY and FineReader is the trademark of ABBYY Software Ltd. in several regions.
Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan and/or other countries. 
Word is a product of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. 
Other products and company names that appear are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.


1. FUJITSU “SP Series” document scanners are marketed in a limited geographical area by PFU LIMITED, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
2. A4 scanner of scanning speed of 20-30ppm 
3. ADF stands for “Automatic Document Feeder”
4. The user can feed additional documents during scanning
5. Plastic cards compatible with ISO7810 with a thickness of 0.76mm or less; embossed plastic cards with total thickness of 1.24mm or less. One landscape card scanning at a time
6. OCR application developed by ABBYY Ltd.

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Date: 25 May, 2015
City: Singapore