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Fujitsu Asia Announces World’s First 7,200rpm 320GB 2.5-inch SATA Hard Disk Drive for ASEAN and India

MHZ2 BJ series to be available beginning June 2008

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.

Singapore, March 26, 2008

Leading regional IT and communications solutions provider Fujitsu Asia today announced the MHZ2 BJ series of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard disk drives (HDDs) for the ASEAN and India markets.

Incorporating a 2.5-inch form factor, the MHZ2 BJ series comprises five models with storage capacities ranging from 80 gigabytes (GB) to 320GB, and a spindle speed of 7,200 revolutions per minute (rpm). The maximum storage capacity of 320GB is the highest for any 7,200rpm 2.5-inch SATA HDD commercially available today, and is double the capacity of earlier 7,200rpm 2.5-inch HDD product lines by Fujitsu Asia.

The high storage capacities are realised via perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. Unlike conventional longitudinal magnetic recording techniques, in which information is stored parallel to the surface of a HDD, PMR technology aligns magnetic charges perpendicular to the disk surface. This allows a HDD to store data using smaller bit sizes, for higher storage densities and capacities.

The series offers a maximum data throughput rate of 3 gigabits per second (Gbps), as well as average read and write times of 10.5 milliseconds (ms) and 12.5ms respectively.

The compact form factor, high storage capacities and throughput rates as well as fast spindle speed make the series ideal for multimedia and data-intensive applications such as:

  • high-end desktop and notebook PCs
  • gaming
  • video and graphics editing

The series is announced as part of Fujitsu’s Green Policy Innovation program to promote energy-efficient IT products and services. Models in the series consume only 2.3 watts of power when reading or writing data, making them among the most power-efficient HDDs in their class.

The series also possess attributes found in earlier SATA HDDs by Fujitsu, such as:

  • large buffer sizes
  • high shock tolerance
  • near-silent operation

Specifications for the MHZ2 BJ Series

Capacity 80 / 120 / 160 / 250 / 320 GB
Interface SATA 3.0 Gb/s (ATA-8, Serial ATA 2.6)
Rotational speed 7,200 rpm
Avg seek time (typ) 10.5 ms (read), 12.5 ms (write)
Data transfer rate Max. 3.0 Gb/s
Buffer size 16 MB
Shock tolerance
- Operating
- Non-operating
325 G (2 ms)
900 G (1 ms)
Power supply +5 V ± 5%
Power consumption
Read/write (typ)
Idle (typ)
Standby (typ)

2.3 W (3.0 Gbps) / 2.1 W (1.5 Gbps)
0.80 W (in slumber mode)
0.13 W (in slumber mode)
Acoustics Idle (typ) 2.5 bels
Dimensions (H x W x L) 9.5 x 70 x 100 mm
Weight 116 g or less

“As PCs offer more and more sophisticated functions, there is an increasing need for high-capacity hard disk drives that can handle improved processing capabilities. But with growing worldwide concern over global warming and other environmental problems, there is a demand for energy-efficient drives. Fujitsu has responded to these twin needs with the MHZ2 BJ series of 2.5-inch drives that rivals the performance of their traditional 3.5-inch counterparts by doubling storage capacity, increasing data throughput, and keeping power consumption low,” said Mr Loh Chong Shing, Regional Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Asia.

The MHZ2 BJ series of SATA HDDs will be available for the ASEAN (including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam) and India markets beginning June 2008. Visit or call 6512-7555 for more details.

* 1GB is equivalent to 1 billion bytes, or 1,000,000,000 bytes. Usable storage capacity is actually less than this figure. Actual storage capacity may vary depending on the environment and formatting of the customer's system. A small portion of buffer memory is used for firmware control.

About Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1997 to provide leadership in business development, technology innovation and customer support as regional headquarters for the Fujitsu group of companies in Asia outside of Japan. Building on Fujitsu's three decades of experience in Singapore and the broader Asian region and with a pool of highly skilled engineering talent, Fujitsu Asia is dedicated to providing comprehensive integrated IT, telecommunications and networking solutions that deliver tangible business value and enable customers to meet the challenges of the new global economy. Fujitsu Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited (TSW: 6702), a leader in customer-centric IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace.
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Date: 26 March, 2008
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd