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Fujitsu Wide-Band KVM Extender Simultaneously Supports Remote Operation of High-Definition Video, Audio, and Touch Panels up to 300m over Cat5E Cabling

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, May 08, 2006
FE-2000CW CAT5 Wide Band Extender

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today added a wide-band, KVM console extender that simultaneously supports large-screen, high-resolution video, audio, and RS-232C for touch panel control, with multi interface console operation (PS/2, USB, Sun I/O and USB), from up to 300m away over Cat5E UTP cables. This capability enables efficient and low-cost, remote monitoring/operation of high-performance equipment without special software. Applications include cluster operations and security access for clean rooms, server rooms, and data centers, as well as applications typically using coaxial cables for remote operation such as broadcasting systems, call center system and factory automation.

The new FE-2000CW SERVIS™ Cat5 Wide-Band Extender uses a proprietary high-definition, image-transmission method to extend XGA (1024x768) and SXGA (1280x1024) video up to 300m, and UXGA (1600x1200) up to 200m, without image degradation. An RGB color-shift correction circuit (patent pending) prevents blurred characters, while independent adjustments for brightness and contrast controls on the remote unit enable optimal viewing.

The FE-2000CW provides digitized, stereo audio for clear sound transmission and supports an audio bandwidth up to 20KHz. For remote audio, a 16-bit digital audio converter provides CD quality sound using a 44.1KHz sampling rate.

The FE-2000CW supports multiple interface platforms including PS/2, PC USB, SUN 8P I/O or SUN USB with the appropriate optional cable. The unit also supports a 15-pin D-sub video interface as standard, a 13W3 SUN video interface with an optional conversion adapter, and Separate and Composite sync.

Combining the FE-2000CW with Fujitsu’s line of SERVIS KVM switches and console drawers enables remote monitoring/operation of multiple servers. A console unit can also be added to the local side.

Available immediately, the SERVIS™ FE-2000CW series wide band extender (part number NC14004-B717/U) has a suggested resale price of $1,600.00. Discounts are available for OEM quantity purchases.

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Date: 08 May, 2006
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