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Fujitsu Asia to Promote Green Procurement

From March 2004, 99% or more of all Fujitsu-procured materials worldwide to be eco-friendly

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.

Singapore, February 10, 2004

Fujitsu Asia's procurement office announced today to have all newly developed products to be green by March 2004. This achievement has already been met by its parent company, Fujitsu Japan, in March 2003. It underscores the importance Fujitsu placed in environmental protection as a key management priority. A leader in the IT industry, Fujitsu is harnessing its technologies and creativity to contribute to sustainable development.

The Green Procurement Movement involves the preferential purchasing of eco-friendly parts, materials and products and is an essential element in the Fujitsu Environmental Protection Program. Fujitsu plans to be among the first to comply with the new RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive of EU by December 2004 for electrical and electronic equipment and devices.

Fujitsu procures high volume parts used in products such as Personal Computers and Hard Disk Drives from suppliers in Asia. Since December 2003, it has been conducting environmental surveys and providing support to its suppliers in Taiwan and China to enable compliance with the RoHS directive.

In December 2003, Fujitsu established a center known as the EMC (Ecology Management Center) in Taiwan and Hong Kong (China) specializing in RoHS compliance and using the Fujitsu Green Procurement Direction as a reference. The main role of the EMC is to ensure that suppliers' operations promote environmental protection and procured parts are free from harmful substances and chemicals stipulated in the Fujitsu Green Procurement Direction. Engineers will be regularly dispatched to the EMC to resolve various go-green issues.

As the EMC activities focused on suppliers in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Fujitsu is also planning to expand its support role to cover all suppliers in the other countries in Asia through close interaction with staff in the Fujitsu IPO offices and manufacturing sites.

Fujitsu has adopted a philosophy of working closely in partnership with suppliers, through measures such as technology and information sharing, in order to achieve progress in its green initiatives. In November 2003, it conducted seminars on Green Procurement Direction for 120 main suppliers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

Said Mr Chng Teo-Hye, Executive Chairman and Co-CEO of Fujitsu Asia: "As a global leader in the IT industry, the Fujitsu Group recognizes that environmental efforts to promote the sustainable development of society are vital to our business. We will continuously pursue environmental activities on a group basis, as well as at the individual level, to leave a legacy of a rich natural environment for future generations."

About Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1997 to provide leadership in business development, technology innovation and customer support as regional headquarters for the Fujitsu group of companies in Asia outside of Japan. Building on Fujitsu's three decades of experience in Singapore and the broader Asian region and with a pool of highly skilled engineering talent, Fujitsu Asia is dedicated to providing comprehensive integrated IT, telecommunications and networking solutions that deliver tangible business value and enable customers to meet the challenges of the new global economy. Fujitsu Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited (TSW: 6702), a leader in customer-centric IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace.
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Date: 10 February, 2004
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd