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Fujitsu's ScanSnap! Offers Paperless Office Solution

ScanSnap! - bundled with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and CardMinder - makes it one of the most complete E-filing solution available today.

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.

Singapore, July 02, 2003

Fujitsu Asia Private Limited today announced the release of its scanning solution, ScanSnap! - a compact, easy to use and complete colour scanner that allows businesses to realise the document image management solution sooner.

"Fujitsu is pleased to launch the innovative ScanSnap! as the solution that will bridge the "paper-based" world with the digital. ScanSnap! comes complete with software that enables ease of use thus making it ideal for the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) market. With the consolidation of information, productivity will be improved by eliminating time-consuming and redundant paper management," said Mr Loh Chong Shing, VP of Volume Products Group, Fujitsu Asia.

ScanSnap! is a handy, upright colour scanner that can scan two-sided colour documents at speed of up to 15 pages per minute (ppm) and provides users with a simple method for converting paper document to digital image files at the touch of a button.

ScanSnap! offers "always on" convenience, simple connectivity, automatic color, page size, and blank-page detection, and a small footprint allowing it to sit comfortably aside the individual business professional in the office.

ScanSnap! includes a complete version of Adobe®, Acrobat® 5.0 and CardMinder software, making it one of the most complete business scanning solutions available today.

With a touch of a button, multi-page documents in combination of colour or black and white, single or double sided can be loaded into the 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF) and automatically processed into Adobe PDF files in one pass. The PDF files can be stored directly, organised, shared and protected in a folder of your choice.

With CardMinder, an application designed to capture images and information contained on business cards, Scansnap! easily files business cards into the PC. The information is sorted into the respective fields in CardMinder's database which also displays an image of each scanned card. Additionally, the user can effortlessly export all information to contact programs such as Access, GoldMine, or Outlook.

ScanSnap! scanning solution can help businesses and individuals:

  • Share and access any paper document, anytime and anywhere, via e-mail, laptop, or network
  • Preserve and protect any paper document for archiving or audit, and from theft, loss or alteration
  • Streamline and simplify documentation by centralising access to important paper documents, eliminating piles of clutter and improving organisation

ScanSnap! provides a simple user interface that requires no special training, connects to the PC via USB port allowing for quick installation and use and retails at S$899.

More information on ScanSnap! can be found at This product is currently distributed by Digiland (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

About Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1997 to provide leadership in business development, technology innovation and customer support as regional headquarters for the Fujitsu group of companies in Asia outside of Japan. Building on Fujitsu's three decades of experience in Singapore and the broader Asian region and with a pool of highly skilled engineering talent, Fujitsu Asia is dedicated to providing comprehensive integrated IT, telecommunications and networking solutions that deliver tangible business value and enable customers to meet the challenges of the new global economy. Fujitsu Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited (TSW: 6702), a leader in customer-centric IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace.
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Date: 02 July, 2003
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd