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Fujitsu's New SMT Automotive Relay is Industry's Smallest

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, October 14, 2002
FTR-P6 Series Relay

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today released a new surface-mount electromechanical single relay that is the smallest, 25A-class, automotive relay on the market. The device features both high-current capability and low power consumption in an ultra-miniature package.

The new FTR-P6 measures 11.8(L) x 8.8(W) x 10.3(H) mm. It is 33 percent smaller by volume than Fujitsu’s previous through-hole relay, the FTR-P3.

The relay’s patented design features an efficient magnetic circuit structure that enhances relay performance and enables the reduced size. As a result, the FTR-P6 consumes 800mW of power, yet has a contact rating of 25A (14VDC) at locked motor load for 100K.

The FTR-P6 is capable of handling a maximum inrush current of 35A. The relay also has a maximum acoustic noise level of 60dB/5cm to allow for use in the car’s interior. All features combined enable a single FTR-P6 to handle motor loads such as intermittent windshield wipers, and motor reversal applications, such as power windows, central door locks, electric sun roofs and power seats.

The relay’s structure is optimized to withstand vibration, lead-free reflow soldering processes, and to enable soldering reliability of over 15 years under the IPC-SM-785 5 standard. In addition, its gull-wing leads are compatible with lead-frame welding.

Contaminants, such as cadmium, Freon, bromine or lead were eliminated from the relay’s design and manufacturing process to meet new environmental requirements.

Samples of the 1 Form C, FTR-P6 are available now. Full production will start in 2003, with pricing of $1.50 per device in ten-thousand piece quantities

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Date: 14 October, 2002
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Components Asia Limited