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Background Info

Amidst the revolution of technology, Fujitsu Components has established itself as a specialist in electromechanical components. Throughout the years, we have continued to devote ourselves to developing new products, penetrating niche markets and competing globally.

Fujitsu Components has been committed to steering the company towards continuing success as well as creating rewarding partnerships with our customers. In an effort to serve our global customers and become more competitive in all aspects, an idea for a regional sales office in the Asia Pacific region was conceived.

Located in Singapore, Fujitsu Components Asia Pte, Ltd. (FCAL) was established to create closer proximity to the customers in the Asia Pacific region. FCAL has been able to offer customers improved support and timely communication, as well as resolution to inquiries, Over the years, FCAL has built an image for comprehensive service, focusing on providing top quality services and rapid response to customers’ needs and requirements.

As a regional sales office, FCAL offers comprehensive product lines to our customers. Our main range includes relays, connectors, thermal printers, touch panels, wireless modules, optical modules, keyboards, mouse, pointing devices, KVM-Switch and unit products. Our customers come from all types of industries, including telecommunication applications, networking, multi-media, Internet appliances, automotive and consumer electronics.

To support our customers in today’s competitive market, Fujitsu Components Asia, headquarted in Singapore, has developed an extensive distribution network. Today, we have sales subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to bring us closer to our customers. To better serve our customers, FCAL has agents and distributors in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia/New Zealand. Yet, for Fujitsu Components Asia, the establishment of a strong marketing network is not the ultimate goal. We aim to gain the respect of our customers and become a true business partner in a relationship of benefits and trust.


Relays – Electromechanical and solid-state relays for power, automotive and signal switching needs

Resistive Touch Panels – Premium quality solutions through industry-standard 4-wire and our unique 7-wire designs

Input Devices – Custom desktop and notebook keyboards, and standard pointing devices

Thermal Printers – 24V- and battery powered print mechanisms, subassemblies and accessories

Wireless Modules – Wireless LAN, Bluetooth®, WLAN & Bluetooth® combo, and GPS modules

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte, Ltd.
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