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Purchasing Items

Fujitsu Asia

delta_arrow Purchasing Items

FIPOS is responsible for the procurement of approximately 150 items. Some examples of our purchasing items are listed below.

Part Type Specifications Volume/ month Used for Last updated Remarks
Ceramic Capacitor 1608size,B,1uF(105), 6.3V,±20% 600K pcs Automotive/Car Navi 25/08/2016
Inductor 0603 sizes, 470_Ohm,  0.8Thickness 400K pcs Automotive/Car Navi 25/08/2016
Resistor 1005size,±1.0%,or +/- 5% 1/16W 5000K pcs All products appilcation 25/08/2016

Target prices and specification details will be provided upon submission of Supplier's Quotation.