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Industry Solutions

FPI brings proven technology-enabled solutions that let our clients become successful in their spheres of business. Again, our own success is measured by the success of our clients' businesses.

As a leader in the application of technology, FPI offers industry-specific knowledge to define business architectures and processes, and subsequently implement the systems and applications that deliver value to a client's business.

For each of these vertical industry groups - telecommunications; banking and finance; retail; and distribution and manufacturing - our solutions carry the "best of breed" approach - the best available applicable solution, even if the components do not carry the Fujitsu brand.

Our solutions are aligned with the best industry practices, and are not selected on the potential sale of Fujitsu components. In this manner, we protect the interests of our clients, before we protect the interest of our brand.

Financial Fujitsu Financial Services

Fujitsu has proven solutions for multiple delivery channels.

Manufacturing manufacturing

To maximize earnings and reduce costs, FPI provides manufacturing industry solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,

Retail retail-banner

FPI provides efficient solutions such as store automation solutions and back-office merchandising systems.

Telecommunications IT-Services_lpr

FPI plays an active role as a technology consultant, systems integrator and industry solutions provider.