We have improved calculation times by 10 percent. The Fujitsu HPC solution also consumes 88 percent less electricity, which translates into big savings and a more environmentally friendly platform.

Jaka Križanič, Systems Administrator Kolektor Turboinštitut
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Kolektor Turboinštitut

Kolektor Turboinštitut installed a Fujitsu HPC cluster to perform CFD research. It is faster, uses fewer licenses, and consumes less energy, enabling quick ROI.


Kolektor is a trans-national company connecting almost 30 companies to strategic world markets. Kolektor Turboinštitut is an independent institute for hydraulic machinery, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which has an unrivalled knowledge of hydropower development, design, model testing, turbine refurbishment, pumps optimization, production and the use of small water turbines, pumps and ventilators, control and governor equipment, and small hydropower equipment engineering.


Kolektor Turboinštitut was using a slow and maintenance-intensive hardware platform that was nearly ten years old. It wanted to find a replacement that would reduce costs and energy consumption while boosting performance.


The company turned to local IT specialist, Our Space Appliances, to install and migrate to a Fujitsu HPC cluster consisting of multiple Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers running FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite for ANSYS Fluid simulation.


  • Eighty-eight percent less energy consumption and lower licensing costs enable ROI within two years
  • Improved performance by ten percent
  • Takes up a fifth of the space and easy to scale
  • Reliable performance reduces burden on IT team
  • FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite enables optimal usage of PRIMERGY hardware

Download Full Case Study PDF

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