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FTSP will distinguish itself as a service-oriented and customer-driven company, providing genuine concern and competent service to its valued clients. It will ensure total customer satisfaction and reliable work based on the highest possible standard.

Realizing that its main asset is its human resource - it will continuously promote the advancement of its people's skills by implementing holistic programs focused on the development of core competencies and values required to steer the company's future and present business undertakings.

Working as ONE cohesive team, each team member acts as a dynamic partner in strategy formulation and execution of objectives through the establishment of a highly motivated work environment and professional ethics.

With this as the company's shared mind-set, FTSP will continuously strive to exceed its customers' expectations, with the end-result of ensuring positive returns for its shareholders.


Fujitsu Telecom Systems Philippines' vision is to be the preferred strategic partner and reliable provider of extensive Telecom engineering systems and services for the local telecom operators, as well as being an active contributor in the establishment of telecom infrastructure for the South-East / West Asia regional countries.

It will provide for the well-sought expertise in the area of total telecom requirement, creating a complex opportunity and a variety of related telecommunications products and services that are available and more affordable to the people.