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Solutions & Services

Manufacturing Business

In order to achieve higher performance at minimal cost, manufacturers need to have thorough coverage of their business processes, from Sales, to Manufacturing, and to Procurement. Operations, services and products have to be added quickly to provide more options in order to satisfy the growing demands of global businesses. To do this a manufacturer needs to increase its flexibility, reduce its cost and to produce quality products in smaller fractions of time.

As such, an integrated manufacturing, sales, procurement and finance system is crucial to a manufacturing business, because it provides real-time data to the management, overcomes the barriers of distance and language, and enables quicker and more efficient operations. Extended functionalities like supply chain integration, advanced reporting tools et cetera, enables manufacturing businesses to make quick and accurate decisions, and adapt quickly to changing markets and trends. In a nutshell, with this seamless system, manufacturers can reduce costs, achieve high profitability, stay abreast with globalization, and remain competitive in their industry.

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Construction Business

Project based entity such as construction companies need to manage their projects from estimation through completion, and beyond, i.e. the entire project life cycle, while maintaining its profitability. Project and contract based information systems are difficult to find. Most of the time available project information is not very accurate or updated, and project expenses are managed only in the General Ledger, which creates the inflexibility in estimating the length and profitability of each project.

Better information and tighter control provides full visibility of how a project will affect the capacity and cash flow of a particular construction business. Extensive project history provides the additional information required in making optimal use of the company's available resources as well. With such information and control, the management can deliver within deadlines and cost targets, while maintaining high profitability and customer satisfaction.

Please refer to our product to find out more about CAMP.

Trading (Distribution)

Like their manufacturing counterparts, trading businesses require a business solution that enables them to have better control over their distribution system and procurement life cycle, to have real time information in respect of their businesses, as well as to minimize human errors in their business processes. This will lead to higher efficiency and lower costs in running their businesses, and finally maximum profitability. Emphasize on the real-time inventory and automated stock allocation, distinctive functions like Flexible Pricing, Kiting Functions, Back-to-back Orders, Drop Shipment, and Consignment Orders, to name a few, complement trading businesses tremendously as it provides the flexibility in the core business delivering capabilities in a seamless sale and supplier chain.

Please refer to our product to find out more about iPECSS a.k.a. Glovia Trading.

Financial Management

Financial solutions were specially designed and developed to provide detail and informative financial presentation for various types of industries. State of the art financial application software having various informative screens and detail financial reports, has help corporate accountants to analysis financial statements with ease and fast. Open connectivity concepts allow users to have options to run their business application in different kind of platform and integrating with other external applications without spending tremendous cost.

Together with our dedicated financial consultants, we helped almost all of our current customers to complete a full system implementation in just a period of 3 months. System scalability allows you to start with small implementations that can be easily rolled out to the other sites.

Document Management

Digital office flow system offers a powerful solution for all your document management needs. It caters for mid and large size corporations with an ambition to realize paperless document creation and distribution.

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Security Management

An all-in-one cloud service based on 4 IT policies of "security", "IT resource control", "eco", "system operations" in a multi-device environment, to support the IT governance compliance with customers. Control supports based on the 4 policies forming the basis of IT governance, verification and analysis of compliance of IT governance could be applied to greater use of iOS • MacOS and Android terminals in addition to PCs. Provision of services in the cloud environment is also expected to reduce initial costs and subsequent maintenance costs.

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Business and Financial Consulting Services

Our Business and Financial Consultants have the knowledge of the industries that we serve and an understanding of today's complex business needs. Equipped with the financial and accounting knowledge, as well as the understanding of our client's businesses and industries, we can provide consulting services from the strategic planning phase, which includes determining functional business requirements, redefining business processes, establishing policies and procedures, right up to the implementation phase which includes assessing application usage and recommending the appropriate solutions to achieve optimum effectiveness.

Besides our consulting services, we do carry out project management, implementation, support / helpdesk and education services.

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Global Hub for Solutions (GHS) Services

GHS is a platform to expand Fujitsu global solution businesses outside Japan and to establish strategic relationship with Fujitsu Group of Companies worldwide. Services provided are such as localize & develop market-oriented solutions, delivery service, support & training services and presales support in assisting marketing & promotion activities.

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