Fujitsu Component (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Corporate Profile

Fujitsu Component (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (FCM) is a Malaysian based subsidiary of Fujitsu Component Limited, Japan.

Established in October 1980, FCM began commercial production of electromagnetic relay coils thereafter assembled by Fujitsu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., then the parent company of FCM. Due to Fujitsu's globalisation policy and the recognition of FCM as a major overseas electromechanical devices manufacturing base, the ownership of FCM was transferred to Fujitsu Limited, Japan in June 1986. In July 1995, Fujitsu Takamisawa Component Limited was formed to strengthen the collaboration of technical expertise between Fujitsu Limited Japan and Takamisawa Electric Company Limited. FCM thus became a subsidiary of this newly formed company. Fujitsu Takamisawa Component Limited had since become Fujitsu Component Limited and Nagano Fujitsu Component Limited, with FCM being a subsidiary of Nagano Fujitsu Component Limited under Fujitsu Component Limited. Now FCM is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Component Limited, Japan.

Today, FCM's product focuses on two key areas of electromechanical components – Relays and Keyboards, and their parts thereof. For support purposes we also manufacture dies and assembly machines for the electronic products. Our products are sold through the worldwide network of Fujitsu Component sales offices, whilst technical and administrative supports are provided by Shinano Fujitsu Limited and Miyazaki Fujitsu Components Limited.


We will always strive to provide innovative, superior goods and services to our customers throughout the world. In doing so, we will establish and maintain harmonious relations both locally and internationally. We seek to make a positive contribution to world society.


To be a global leader in Electro-Mechanical component parts manufacturing fully pleasing our customers


Fujitsu specialises in the manufacturing and installation of specific products for the customers

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