We, Fujitsu Frontech Group, take part in a variety of Sponsorship activities, cooperating with stakeholders such as NPOs.

Sponsorship of Kawasaki Frontale SDGs food drive

Kawasaki Frontale holds food drive at every home game. Food drives are activities in which people bring unused food that cannot be consumed at home and donate it to food bank groups and local welfare facilities. The food collected at Kawasaki Frontale SDGs food drive will be distributed to local welfare facilities and people in need of food through Food Bank Kawasaki (Tama-ku, Kawasaki City).
We have sympathized with these activities and started supporting the Kawasaki Frontale SDGs food drive since the 2023 season.

Kawasaki Frontale SDGs food drive Booth

As part of their activities, we have also set up collection boxes within Fujitsu Frontech to bring unused food items that cannot be used up in employees' homes and donate them.

Collection boxes within Fujitsu Frontech

Sponsorship of the Japan Amputee Football Championship

Amputee Football is football for persons having upper and lower extremity amputations. Many sports for persons having amputations use special equipment, but amputee football can be played with lofstrand crutches on which they usually use for daily life and rehabilitations. For this reason, persons having amputations can have an easy access to amputee football, and can enjoy the world-class sport.
The Japan Amputee Football Championship has been held since 2011, and our company is a co-sponsor of the 9th championship in 2019 and the 10th championship in 2022.

Amputee Football play

BOOK MAGIC (Donations of Used Books, etc.)

We collect the used books and CDs, etc. lying around in the house or office, which will not be read or listened anymore, and donate the sales to the NPO, JEN (Japan Emergency NGO), who organizes the BOOK MAGIC. The fund earned from the donated items is used to build schools in the developing countries.
We've joined this activity since FY2014, and ever been able to donate a total of about 303,000 JPY. (As of the end of March 2024.)
Incidentally, in FY2022, we started a scheme which enables employees to easily participate in this event by donating items directly from their homes.

The letter of thanks

Donations of Used Postal Stamps, etc.

Since 2005, we have continuously collected used postal stamps and unused postal cards, etc., and donated to a foundation named "The Defense of Green Earth Foundation" once a year. The fund earned from the donated items is used to help tree-planting activities in Asia and Africa, where deforestation is very significant.

Collected postal stamps, etc.

Donations of Ring-pulls for Wheel Chairs

In Headquarter Branch of Fujitsu Frontech Labor Union, we collect ring-pulls of drink cans, and donate them to the NPO named "Ring-pulls Recycling Network", by participating in the activity of Fuji Electric Labor Union. Donated ring-pulls are sold for recycled resources, and the fund is used to purchase wheel chairs, which are donated to councils of social welfare, etc. in local community.

Collected ring-pulls

Delivery of Vaccines with PET-bottle Caps

We have continuously participated in the activity of collecting PET bottle caps, that an NPO named "Re Life-style" sponsors.
Collected caps are sold by way of the NPO, and the money is spent for vaccines to save children living in struggling countries.
Since starting this activity in November 2015, we have been able to donate a total of 991,000 caps which are equal to vaccines of 1,985 people. (As of the end of March 2024.)
Incidentally, Fujitsu Frontech Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Systems Limited (FJFS) received a letter of thanks from the NPO, as a result of our efforts.

The letters of thanks

Green Fund

In our Niigata Plant, we have continuously implemented the fund raising every year since FY2007, to support "Green Fund" activity sponsored by a public interest incorporated association named "Niigata Green 100-year Tale Promotion Committee". We provide the employees who donated, with the seeds of bitter melons and morning glories which have grown in "green curtain", in return.
And, Totalizator Engineering Limited (TEL), our Group company inside Japan, has continuously supported "Green Fund" sponsored by a public interest incorporated association named "National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization", since FY2002. TEL has ever donated a total of 335,575 JPY. (As of the end of March 2024.)

A booth of "Green Fund" (Niigata Plant)

Donations of PCs, etc.

Fujitsu Frontech Systems Limited (FJFS), in time of replacing into new PCs, not discharges old PCs but donates to welfare facilities for people with physical disabilities, etc. within Maebashi-shi, Gunma Prefecture, in the purpose of utilization of PCs in the local community.
Incidentally, in March 2018, FJFS received a letter of thanks from Council of Social Welfare of Maebashi-shi, because of this effort. In addition, it also received letters of thanks from a total of 21 welfare facilities, because of donating 1,700 dotch files in FY2018.

The letter of thanks

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