Basic Policy

Fujitsu Frontech Group Information Security

As a member of Fujitsu Group, whose core business is ICT, Fujitsu Frontech Group will comply with "Fujitsu Way" and we have a basic philosophy of contribution to "creating a comfortable and reliable network society", based on the principle of "We maintain confidentiality.", stipulated in its Code of Conduct. And we strive to ensure and improve the level of information security to treat important information of customers safely.

Information Security Management Structure

To prevent information leakage caused by cyber-attacks that are recently becoming more sophisticated and skillful, Fujitsu Frontech Group established an organizational improvement system to formulate and implement measures policies for information security incident risk management through promotion of measures and auditing to create secure systems and we are continually strengthening the system.

Information Security Management Structure

Information Security Controls

Information Security Policy

Based on "Fujitsu Way", Fujitsu Frontech Group set out "Information Security Policy" for the purpose of continuously implementing measures for information management and ICT security.

Security Personnel Development

Information Management Training

To prevent information leaks, instead of simply informing our employees of the various rules and regulations, it is important to raise the security awareness and skill level of each individual employee. Fujitsu Frontech Group holds information management training for employees.

Information Security Measures

Fujitsu Frontech Group is working to fulfill its social responsibility in information security and reduce management risks by implementing security measures to handle important customer information more safely in its business operations.

[Main information security measures]

  • Establishment of various regulations of information security
  • Acquisition of Privacy Mark (JIS Q 15001)
  • Education and enlightenment on information security
  • Security monitoring of in-house network connection equipment
  • Audit of internal information management
  • Acquisition of "ISO 27001", the international standard for information security management system (ISMS) at the divisions related to Financial Business and Service Business.
About information security management system "ISO 27001"
Certificate NumberJQA-IM1427JQA-IM1636
OrganizationDivisions related to Financial BusinessService Business Unit
Scope of Registration1. Design, development, research and study or electronic devices and mechanical components for products for financial institutions
2. Design of financial software based on customer request matter, development, offer, and maintenance
3. Design of independent development package software for financial institution, development, offer, and maintenance
4. Construction and maintenance or system (server and network) for financial institution

Associated organization

- Headquarters/Tokyo Plant
 [Scope of activity: The above 1.]

- Omiya Solution Center
 [Scope of activity: The above 2.3.4.]

- Kumagaya Service Solution Center
 [Scope of activity: The above 1.2.3.]

- Fujitsu Frontech Systems Limited
 [Scope of activity: The above 2.3.4.]
Services related to outsourcing, help-desk, and LCM (Life Cycle Management)

Privacy Policy

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