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High-Flexibility Software partitioning

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Oracle Solaris™ Containers

Oracle Solaris Containers, a Solaris server virtualization technology, provides great flexibly in server resource use, splitting OS space and enabling multiple server consolidation.

Solaris Containers provides two functions, Solaris Zones and Solaris Resource Manager.

Solaris Zones is software partitioning where each virtual OS environment, referred to as a Container, works as a virtually independent OS. Up to 8191 virtual Solaris environments per Solaris OS can be built.

Solaris Resource Manager Server provides for the efficient use of resources (CPU/memory), allotting them based on priority and resource share policies. Even a single CPU can contain multiple virtual Solaris environments. Solaris Containers are suitable for the efficient use of high performance CPUs such as SPARC64™ VI/VII/VII+ and SPARC T4 incorporating CMT technology.

Used in combination with highly reliable hardware partitioning Solaris Containers both maximize system reliability and resource utilization.