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Dynamic Reconfiguration enables flexible system resource utilization

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Hardware resources (CPU/memory/IO) can be moved between partitions during system operation using a function called "Dynamic Reconfiguration" (DR). Operational systems can be reconfigured dynamically, by adding or removing hardware resources from a partition.

DR can distribute resources to match demands for business expansion or new business systems. This makes SPARC Enterprise an excellent platform for server consolidation, with its high scalability (up to 256 cores) and DR based flexible system reconfiguration.

The DR function is available with SPARC Enterprise M4000 and above.

Hardware resource utilization

DR underlies flexible resource allotment matched to changes in data transaction traffic and processing workloads on a daily, monthly or annual basis. Reserved server resources can be moved into relevant partitions while system operation continues

Hot replacement of hardware resources

With SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000, a faulty CPU or memory unit can be dynamically replaced by constructing partitions over multiple CPU Memory Boards.

A CPU Memory Board with a faulty CPU can be dynamically isolated from its partition. The partition remains active using the remaining boards in the partition. The faulty CPU can then be replaced on the isolated board and the board dynamically reintegrated into the partition once again.