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SPARC™ Processor History

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In 1998 Fujitsu developed the first SPARC64 processor. Called SPARC64 GP it was used in the G7000F family of servers.

In 2002, SPARC64 V, with improved reliability technology inherited from Fujitsu mainframe development, was used in PRIMEPOWER. PRIMEPOWER with SPARC64 V was sold world-wide and grew to become a respected global platform.

In 2007, all SPARC Enterprise models use the latest SPARC V9 architecture dual cores processors. SPARC64 VI for M4000 model and above and UltraSPARC T1 for T1000/T2000. Models incorporating the dual core processor SPARC64 VI inherit all the high reliability and availability technologies of SPARC64 V.

In 2008, SPARC Enterprise mid-range and high end models incorporated Quad cores processors SPARC64 VII, together with SPARC64 VI.

After releasing SPARC Enterprise entry model – M3000 with SPARC64 VII in 2008, SPARC Enterprise continued to grow its performance with enhancing SPARC64 VII clock speed. In 2010, with Quad core and doubled level2 cache processor, SPARC64 VII+, SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical models uplifted the performance.

SPARC64, the high performance and business continuity focused processor family is accredited by Oracle Corporation through co-development of the SPARC Enterprise family.

Fujitsu continues to develop SPARC64 processors and provide business platforms suited to an even changing business environment.

SPARC Processor history