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Outstanding scalability - up to 256 cores

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Max.256 cores and 4TB memory mountable

SAPRC Enterprise Scalability, Max.128 cores and 2TB memory mountable.

SPARC Enterprise M9000, the largest model in the series, is also the most scalable.

It accommodates up to:
4TB memory
288 PCI slots.

SPARC Enterprise meets the changing business environment allowing processing data growth through flexible system expansion.

SPARC64™ VI/VII/VII+ processors can be incorporated in one server.
For SPARC64™ VI processor, 128 cores
For SPARC64™ VII/VII+ processor, 256 cores

Large scale SMP (Symmetric Multi Processor )

SPARC Enterprise models with multiple SPARC64 VI/VII/VII+ processors incorporates a SMP system that ensures multiple CPUs can access memory in parallel.

Symmetric crossbar connections enable uniform access from any CPU to any memory unit regardless of memory mount location.

Whole sets of memory can be treated as one large memory space.

The performance of most applications can be boosted simply by adding CPUs and memory without any special tuning.

Application development is also simpler as no application tricks or special processes are needed to reduce memory access times.

Large scale Symmetric Multi Processor structure.