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High Throughput SPARC T4 Processors

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SPARC T4 processor can improve application parallelism by executing 64 threads at a time – 40nm technology inside allows accommodate 8 threads per core and 8 core per CPU chip, Plus, computation-intensive applications can enjoy high performance because two computations can be executed in parallel at a time.

Access time to access to memory and I/O is shortened because CPU chip inside are controllers including memory controllers, PCI Express Unit(PEU), and Network Interface Unit (NIU) are.

High Performance Technologies


Excellent CPU chip performance is provided by incorporating multiple CPU cores on a singe CPU chip. SPARC T4 processor has Max.8 cores per CPU chip and provide much improved multi-threading and parallel processing performance from 64 simultaneous threads.


Multi-thread technology enables each single CPU core to run in parallel. SPARC T4 processor have 8 threads per core with 2 threads can compute in parallel on each CPU clock cycle.

Single and Multi thread timeline of UltraSPARC T2.