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The advanced I/O interface boosts I/O performance

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As a result of data traffic growth and serial interface transmission speed boosts, serial transmission has over taken previous parallel transmission methods.

All models of SPARC Enterprise support advanced serial transmission methods including PCI Express and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).

PCI Express

SPARC Enterprise meets performance demands for high-speed I/O.

PCI Express enables high speed data transfer by the latest extended interface. PCI-Express has bidirectional high-speed transmission routes consisting of point-to-point connections of 2.5Gbps(unidirectional throughput). Each bidirectional route is referred to as a “lane”.

SPARC Enterprise has max 8 lane PCI-Express slots and 5GB/s per slot bandwidth.

PCI Express structure.

SAS Disk

SPARC Enterprise supports SAS interface for Hard Disk Drives. SAS is an advanced storage interface enabling high-speed storage connection and compact storage support, while maintaining the high reliability of former SCSI interfaces.

High-speed data transmission is enabled by max 3Gbps bandwidth (point-to-point connection per disk). This enables greater storage capacity in a smaller space due to the compact and high density HDD (2.5 inch HDD) supported in SAS.

SAS Interface structure.