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  7. Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding 'VRMGR.'

Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding 'VRMGR.'

Supporting a 24-hour continuous operation solution

VRMGR offers functions to create copies of volumes used in online business without interrupting the business and affecting the system load, or cutting them off at any point. Even while creating copies of volumes, it allows business applications to access the source volumes copied. At this time, even if demand increases call for the source volumes, consistency of data for both volumes will be guaranteed by reflecting this increase in demand in both volumes.

We provide the following functions to improve business operations significantly by incorporating both the current and future releases of associated products.

  1. 24-hour continuous operation
    Enables copying of master databases online and creates database duplicates, then uses them as the basis for data warehouses, and applying them to various business operations such as independent/parallel operation on online machines and batch machines. Also with the redundancy of the database duplicates, it allows cut-over between two online systems for 24h/7 days continuous online operation.
  2. High-speed disk backup
    It will be possible to back up data used for online business on disk systems at high speed during online processes. Since it only requires the time to isolate these two disks from the system, backup time is reduced significantly.
  3. Non-stop disk transfer
    It is possible to copy the volumes during online processing and then transfer the disk completely under non-stop conditions. This allows scheduling of disk transfer freely without considering interruption of the business operation schedule when the system must be transferred to a new disk system or re-deployed.