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Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding PowerCOBOL85.'

There is more COBOL code in use commercially than any other programming language. Why invest in learning how to use visual programming languages that are completely different to COBOL when you can use PowerCOBOL85 ? This COBOL based graphical language enables COBOL programmers to be well utilised in developing client/server applications for the Fujitsu environment.

With PowerCOBOL85 you can combine the ease of use of Windows with your staff's high levels of COBOL knowledge to develop applications for both servers (GlobalServer or M Series) and clients (PC/Windows).

The PowerCOBOLB85 family has two distinct forms of implementation:
- Host application development (and maintenance)
- Client/server applications development

Host Application Development

This form of implementation is unique to the GlobalServer/M Series environment in that it offers a totally integrated development environment.

This approach enables you to make the best possible use of your existing skills by enabling you to :

  • Use the existing skill base
  • Quickly develop client/server applications
  • Maintain mainframe code from the desktop (PC)
  • Quickly integrate multi-media technology
  • Write and test server programs from the PC
  • Utilise version control software at the PC level
  • Highly productive development environment

Client/Server Applications Development

PowerCOBOL85 can be used to develop both remote data type and distributed processing type client/server applications. In both cases the client portion of the application is developed with COBOL skills. The event driven graphical interface world of buttons, scroll bars and mouse clicks is coded with procedural logic that has been employed by COBOL programmers for years. As with the host application development scenario, the development life cycle is catered for by the PowerCOBOL85 family of products.

Creating Remote Data Access Programs

Remote data access programs utilise the database server product on the mainframe to process and retrieve relational database data. Data is accessed using ODBC compliant SQL commands issued by client programs. In this way client programs are able to access data on the server.

Creating Distributed Processing Applications

Distributed application programs cater for the distribution of processing across multiple platforms. With this approach both the client program and the server program can be written using the COBOL85 family of products. The client and server applications communicate in the Fujitsu environment via PowerAIM which provides transaction processing controls across multiple platforms in a TCP/IP environment. With PowerCOBOL85 there is no need to use two different programming tools for the two different platforms. Your existing COBOL programmers can expertly develop the code required on both client and server.