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Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding 'PowerAIM.'


PowerAIM is a software system for constructing and operating online jobs in client/server mode. A GlobalServer system manages the organisation's common information. The end-user's PC work- station manages information specific to that user.
Components of PowerAIM run on the server and the client systems.

PowerAIM provides the technology to position your most important applications on to client/server platforms.

To the consumer, PowerAIM is invisible. To the developer, PowerAIM allows the mainframe program to communicate with the PC program and vice versa.

This means that, for example, a Visual Basic (VB) program can interact with a mainframe COBOL program. The interface used by the VB developer is the same as the COBOL programmer's (SQL).

What sets PowerAIM apart from other products is that it brings the traditional powers of the mainframe to the modern networked computing world. Online transaction processing (OLTP), provided in the past by products such as AIM/DC and CICSTM, is now available in client/server environments. OLTP has long been recognized as the only way to ensure that high levels of transactions are processed efficiently and accurately.

PowerAIM lifts the restriction that previously prevented the safe transition of the most critical computing applications away from the mainframe. With the PowerAIM approach you can leave the high performance and most secure parts of the application on the mainframe and move the rest onto the most suitable platform. In this way the flexibility of client/server computing is married to the security and performance of the traditional mainframe world.

With PowerAIM, Fujitsu provides the client/server application designer with the ability to:

  • Rightsize
    An application can be split into logical parts. The GlobalServer is utilised for its power and security rich functions, while the client (PC) application controls the graphical user interface.
  • Distribute
    Splitting applications across two platforms enables the distribution of processing. Screen formatting and data validation are transferred to the PC. Similarly data locking is only performed by the processor housing the data.
  • Develop
    The PowerAIM interface is the same on all platforms, namely SQL. Virtually all ODBC compliant languages can be used as well as any existing Fujitsu products. Hence both existing and new products can be utilised.
  • Harness
    You can harness the power of the mainframe and the stunning graphics of desktop machines.
  • Protect
    Whilst some modification will be necessary to your mainframe applications, you can protect the majority of your significant investment in mainframe code.
  • Reuse
    Build new applications around your existing ones. PowerAIM enables your PC program to access your mainframe database(s) with total integrity ensured.