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  7. Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding 'NETSTAGE/Partner.'

Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer network solutions regarding 'NETSTAGE/Partner.'

OLTP from a Web Browser

NETSTAGE/Partner is designed to allow Internet access to existing GlobalServer OLTP applications.

It permits users who have an Internet Browser to view and use AIM applications on a GlobalServer, which were originally designed specifically for "proprietary" 6682/9526 terminals.

Web-Enable AIM applications

With NETSTAGE/Partner you can view and use AIM online transaction processing applications on a GlobalServer using a standard web browser. It allows you to "web enable" your mission critical applications with the minimum of manual intervention. Because there is no change to the data or the applications you can access your data using both the existing OLTP and via the WWW. This means you do not have to change over all at once.

OLTP via Internet

Reliable response times

All connections can be routed via NETSTAGE/Partner which means that different applications do not have to be created for each connection. NETSTAGE/Partner also permits control (by the administrator) over the number of simultaneous accesses thus solving the problem of poor response times in the Internet/Intranet environment.

Reliable responce times

Exchange terminals for PCs; terminal emulators for Web browsers

The AIM applications may have been originally designed specifically for "proprietary" 6682/9526 terminals. The user had to invest in either special terminals or terminal emulation software. The user can now use a standard PC with a standard web-browser instead, and so the infrastructure costs are reduced.

Add multi-media to applications

Data from the application is merged with HTML to send to the PC, and information input by the user is passed back to the application. The HTML can be modified to incorporate pictures and other media to improve the appearance of the application and to provide further assistance and information to the user.

Link applications across multiple platforms

Since the AIM application is processed like any other web application, a number of applications on different platforms may be linked. The user sees a single interface without concern about the location of any one application and without needing to swap platforms for handling different applications.