Fujitsu amplify services platform

Service Platform

Deploying intelligent and connected solutions to ensure worker wellbeing

Fujitsu has an end-to-end enterprise wearables platform for increasing worker safety and delivering knowledge support out in the field. It’s an integrated, scalable, multi-tenant SaaS service that runs on the public cloud, and offers a range of intelligence led solutions including: video calling, mixed and augmented reality, exertion levels, heat stress and drowsiness detection.

Currently, we are the only IT services and solutions provider that offers this end-to-end remote full-service support solution delivered as a web-based application. Through the use of industrial IoT and enterprise wearables from our UBIQUITOUSWARE range, we deliver four key modules – worker safety, worker support, driver safety, and remote support services.

How does our Enterprise Wearables platform work?

Workers are equipped with Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE wearable sensor devices, which are connected to the Fujitsu's Enterprise Wearables platform via gateway software on their mobile phone. Wide ranging data such as; location, temperature and the user’s vital signs are captured, collected and transmitted to the Fujitsu Cloud for processing and analysis. All applications and intelligent devices have built-in protection against signal loss, and should this occur, the wearer is alerted, and events cached and transferred to the Cloud when the signal is restored.

Through our Worker Support Application, insight is delivered to support teams and managers that’s specifically related to the physical health, wellbeing and safety of the individual device wearer, or group of wearers.

Devices showing Fujitsu's enterprise wearables platform

Take a look at Fujitsu’s Enterprise Wearables being demoed at Fujitsu Forum

Platform Security

The platfom builds on and delivers strong open standards for data security and privacy. Security controls and security related configurations are applied at the application level to ensure that ports, protocols, and services are locked down as appropriate. Data transmissions are encrypted and the platform fully monitored to ensure that your data is safe. Independent CHECK certified tests are carried out to ensure that the platform, applications and devices are protected from attack..

Platform Portal

The platform provides an internet accessible website secured by username and password. It offers a highly responsive and easy to use dashboard that works across a range of browsers, on different devices with varying screen sizes, to deliver a quick real-time snapshot of the status of workers in the field. It shows their location and lists alerts or issues in progress.

Platform Applications

The platform delivers a range of applications including; Field Knowledge Support, Worker Support, Driver Safety Management, and Remote Field Support to address the business challenges of delivering a safe working environment. Applications are based around the functional demands of workers, managers and support teams, and can be licenced separately to allow consumer administrators to select and allocate features on a user-by-user basis.


Service Availability

The platform has been designed to be highly available and resilient to quickly recover from unexpected events such as; hardware and software failures, natural disasters, and human error. Our Service Level Agreement offers a backed scheduled uptime level of 99.7% 24/7/365.

Service Scalability

The platform is flexible and designed to cope with millions of data points and data capture devices. It dynamically self-monitors and supports scaling across multiple data centers. 24/7/365 monitoring ensures prompt and reliable service delivery for customers. In the event performance degradation is detected, service management is automatically alerted and the issue investigated..

Proof of Value

Using FUJITSU XpressWay™, we can run a proof of value across a number of users over a 8-week period, to show the value show the value Fujitsu's enterprise wearables can bring to your business. Using the data collected during this time, we produce a closure report that includes a business case for rollout and a model for implementing the solution across your business.

Regional and International Support

Fujitsu's Enterprise Wearables platform provides language support across multiple regions. Currently, the platform provides support in English (International), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

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