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Improving worker wellbeing - Fujitsu Industrial IoT and wearable sensor technology

In any organization, it’s people who matter most and remain the most valuable asset. It is estimated that annually there are 120 million occupational accidents and 200,000 workplace fatalities globally. Many of the incidents that happen in the workplace shouldn’t be happening in 2018, and certainly not in the digital era.

An organization must recognize the different workplaces within its operation and the different risks its employees are exposed to. The World Health Organization reports that 30-50% of workers report factors that may be hazardous in their workplace **. Through co-creation projects with our customers, we’ve developed an outcome centric platform to provide greater visibility of a worker’s wellbeing across hazardous situations and remote locations. These scenarios uniquely include over exertion, heat stress and falls, amongst others.

At Fujitsu we believe employee wellbeing should be the priority of all organizations and
that the technology exists to reduce many of the risks faced by employees.

Read here to find out how Fujitsu believes it is time to end the concept of the Lone Worker.

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Over-exertion icon

“We have many people lifting what some may feel are heavy objects – we have no way of telling whether they have overexerted and thus are off sick, sometimes for extended periods”

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Heat stress
“The plant room can get up to 45C and we work maybe 4-5 hours in it”

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Fall down
“He was working at the side of the road and fell into a trench. He wasn’t seen and the dumper filled it.”

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Lone working
“We used to check lone workers hourly – it just didn’t work. What happens in the other 59 mins?”

Drowsiness icon

“He fell asleep at the wheel seriously injuring himself and the passenger, I have no answer to the family question of how did you let this happen”

Heat Stress Level Estimation

Are any of these incidents familiar to you?
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Ensuring the wellbeing of your workers - getting started

It’s imperative to implement the most effective solutions for monitoring the wellbeing of your employees. At Fujitsu, we work with our customers to explore, plan and co-create outcome driven solutions. We advise on the cultural changes needed within your business to support the successful implementation of an employee wellbeing solution comprising of; UBIQUITOUSWARE enterprise wearables, propriety algorithms and Fujitsu's enterpise wearables platform for worker safety.

See how it works! Discover how Fujitsu's innovative wearable solutions can help organizations look after employee wellbeing

Today organizations are mandating that workplaces have to be safer, with organizations having a duty of care to protect employees from injury and harm. Our wearable sensor technology includes Vital Sensing Band, Location Badge, and Fujitsu's enterpise wearables platform

Many of our customers are mandating that drivers record tiredness as a near miss incident. In response to this, we co-created the Driver Drowsiness Detector, which non-invasively and proactively informs the driver if they enter a pre-drowsy state.

First-time fix is a key priority for our customers. All too often field workers attend remote sites but lack the right skills and knowledge to complete the task. To address this issue, we co-created a field worker solution comprising of Head Mounted Display, Ubquitousware and the Fujitsu's enterpise wearables platform.

Start with a Proof of Value implentation

“We are always looking for ways to increase worker safety and wearable safety technology has huge possibilities. Our eight week trial really put it through its paces. Every member of staff on that contract drives a vehicle and can be out at any time of the day or night, in all weathers or in locations like embankments and next to live traffic. We found that the tech is transferable to other situations and could potentially provide a wealth of data about the wellbeing of our people which will help us improve general safety.”
Feedback from European engineering company following Proof of Value

For a European engineering company we have delivered a Driver Safety Proof of Value which involved the set up and use of UQBIQUITOUSWARE driver drowsiness devices, vital sensing band and location badges with the Fujitsu's enterprise wearables platform for alerts and analysis. The trial highlighted the benefits of wearables technology to improving worker safety.

There are many more scenarios where our wearable safety technology can help your workforce.

Heat Stress Level Estimation

Fujitsu has delivered enterprise wearables projects and Proof of Values across Utilities, Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics, Transport and more.

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