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Taking action: thriving in a digital world

Surviving in a digitally disrupted world is one thing - but what does it take for an organization not just to endure, but to thrive?

The opportunities to thrive are plentiful. Seventy-two percent say that the digital disruption is creating exciting opportunities for their organization. Digital may cause concern for some, but few reject the idea that it also creates compelling chances to get ahead.

The response to digital disruption is increasingly unlikely to be driven by silos.

Digital disruption is a board level issue

73% say technology lies at the heart of an organization’s ability to thriveNearly half of business leaders say that responsibility falls with their combined leadership team. These executives are exploring a diverse range of strategies in pursuit of digital success. 

Chief amongst these is investment into new technology, selected by 61% of respondents. 55% also say that their organization has changed its strategy in order to exploit the digital opportunity.

And while more have invested in talent and skills and refined their processes, 22% have embraced a change of leadership to better ready themselves.

Technology is at the core

Business were asked the biggest factor hindering their ability to respond to digital disruption:
  • 40% said ageing technology and infrastructure
  • 33% stressed that a fear of change or their organization’s internal culture is problematic
  • 22% said a shortfall of skills and talent
  • 18% noted a lack of understanding amongst leadership
Therefore, it's little wonder that 73% of business leaders also say that technology lies at the heart of their organization’s ability to thrive.

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