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Co-creating digital confidence

The scale, pace and potential repercussions of the change stirred up by digital disruption are growing, leading many to suggest that their whole sector and entire organization will change radically in just half a decade. In the path of such turmoil, it would be easy to predict wavering confidence or a lack of direction. In reality, we see quite the opposite.

Although the vast majority of leaders understand that their organization needs to evolve in order to thrive, most are either “somewhat” (53%) or “entirely” (40%) confident about its prospects for doing so.

At the same time, however, this certainty amongst C-Level respondents is tempered by the admission that their hopes could be boosted further. Asked which factors might make them feel more confident in their organization’s ability to thrive in a digitally disrupted world:
  • 49% see great benefit in finding the right technology partner
  • 38% wish that they could improve the level of digital skills within their business
  • 35% would like a better understand their customers’ needs
  • 34% see a need to gain a deeper understanding of digital technology
Around one third (31%) say that they would gain confidence not just from finding a technology partner, but from actually being able to co-create innovation with one.

Co-creation: an essential capability

Two thirds (67%) say that partnering with technology experts is essential in the futureCo-creation isn’t only a confidence booster; for more than a third of respondents (38%) it is something that they consider to be an essential capability for any organization that wishes to thrive in a digitally disrupted marketplace.

The concept of pooling knowledge, ideas and resources with a technology partner - “the ability to co-create with a technology expert to deliver our digital strategy” - is seen as more important even than issues such as nurturing the right people and talent (37%) or company vision (17%).

Business leaders are seeking to reinforce their digital decision making with the support of expert partners that can help them plan and deliver more compelling, more competitive digital strategies.

For the majority of respondents, the long-term success of their organization will not just be shaped by those kinds of partnerships, but actually hinge upon them: 67% say that partnering with third-party technology experts will be essential to their ability to thrive in the future.
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