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Executive Summary

"For those with the ambition, energy and imagination to capitalize on it, digital disruption is a path to golden age of innovation and prosperity."

Duncan Tait (‎CEO, SEVP and Head of Americas and EMEIA, Fujitsu)

Disruption is all around us. From the vast social and economic changes taking place in Europe to the global sustainability challenges presented by a growing population, disruption has become a defining theme of the 21st Century. For businesses today, it is disruption of the digital kind that is creating the greatest upheaval. Across every industry, boundaries are being torn down as hyperconnected technology redefines the limits of what is possible.

What does it take for an organization to thrive in the era of digital disruption? We explored the views of 1,180 C-Suite decision makers from around the world. Here’s what they told us...
Digital is at the heart of any successful business strategy

Digital disruption is here to stay

Disruption is the new normal, and it is fundamentally redefining the way that organizations operate. Revenue streams, processes, customer relationships: all have been transformed by digital disruption. And while business leaders are enthusiastic about the opportunities that digital is creating, many have concerns for the future - a future in which they see continued upheaval.

Technology is at the heart of the battle

The boardroom is driving the digital agenda, and that agenda is a technological one. Not only is new technology seen as the best way to thrive in a digitally disrupted world, ageing infrastructure is held up as the biggest hindrance to an organization. As vital as technology is however, organizations are not afraid to make big changes elsewhere - from leadership to skills.

Evolution is key

Customers are demanding digital, and business leaders are only too aware of the consequences for failing to meet that demand. As the pace of change continues to grow, so too does competition, and many organizations say that the only way to thrive in this hyper-speed environment is to evolve.

Organizations need strategic support to succeed

Despite the challenges posed by digital disruption, business leaders are highly confident that their organization can survive. Few, however, believe that they can do it alone. Digital disruption is fuelling a desire to work with expert technology partners, not just to provide guidance, but to collaboratively create digital strategies.
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