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Digital disruption: the new normal

The world has changed, and there is no going back. For the majority of organizations around the world, digital disruption is no longer an impending concern but the new normal.

9 out of 10 say digital has disrupted their sector

98% say digital has disrupted their organizationNine out of ten C-Suite decision makers say that digital has disrupted their sector, with 98% saying the same of their own business or organization. Although it might not be clear why this small minority believe that digital has passed them by, one thing is clear: the number of organizations left unaffected is rapidly shrinking.

And while around sixty-seven percent of respondents say that they are “excited or enthusiastic” about digital disruption, 20% note that they are “concerned or worried” about its impact.

What does digital disruption mean to you?

When asked to specify what digital disruption means to them:
  • 37% answered that it was about the transformation of business models and revenue streams
  • 27% said the same of business operations and processes
  • 23% looked to the transformation of customer relationships and service
Digital disruption means different things to different people but business leaders are in agreement that digital is transforming how businesses operate.

Disruption is not done

Digital may already have had a significant impact on the way that organizations operate, but the disruption is not over. Fifty-four percent of business leaders believe that “significant” change lies ahead. Only three percent feel that their sector will be unaffected.

A large majority (81%) of respondents recognize this digital disruption as a “positive force for business”, 74% stressing that change resulting from digital has been beneficial to their own organization. However, 43% of respondents say that the level of digital disruption in their sector concerns them.  Thirty-four percent even go so far as to say that
they wish that their industry was immune to its impact.

Digital disruption may be the new normal, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to stay still.

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