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Fujitsu Brings the Future of Human Centric Artificial Intelligence to Supercomputing

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:

  • Fujitsu will showcase how it is pushing the limits of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the annual ISC Conference in Frankfurt
  • Show highlights include Fujitsu’s Deep Learning Unit (DLU) chip which powers the end-to-end AI solution Zinrai Deep Learning System, solutions based on the Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition (FAIR) software, and the new supercomputer Fugaku
Munich, June 11, 2019 – Fujitsu is bringing the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the annual ISC High Performance conference, which takes place from June 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany. At the event, Fujitsu will showcase groundbreaking technology innovation that optimizes business processes and leverages the benefits of AI, highlights Fujitsu’s Deep Learning Unit (DLU) and provides a chance to learn about the latest development status and technical detail of Fugaku – the successor to the K computer.

At ISC 2019, Fujitsu places a special focus on Deep Learning, an AI technology playing an increasingly important role in providing intelligent automation across industries. Deep Learning, which uses deep and complex neural networks to work on large scale data, helps accelerate training time for AI. This delivers benefits including increased efficiency and reduced AI training costs, helping generate opportunities for additional revenue streams and highlighting new business opportunities.

The innovative Fujitsu AI Zinrai Deep Learning System, powered by the DLU, pushes the limits of Deep Learning – helping turbocharge solutions by delivering 10 times the performance per watt of alternative approaches available today. The DLU achieves this by significantly reducing the time it takes to train and test AI models, enabling inferences that can help accelerate business processes.

Key innovations push the limits of today’s Deep Learning capabilities
Three key innovations help Fujitsu push the limits of today’s Deep Learning capabilities, with the Zinrai Deep Learning System providing a faster, easier and more efficient solution to accelerate Deep Learning. These three are the DLU chip itself, which features a domain specific accelerator, the Deep Learning Integer “DL-INT”, an adaptive numerical format dedicated to Deep Learning, enabling high performance and accuracy, and a new domain-specific interconnect technology providing massive parallel throughput for large scale neural networks.

Supercomputer Fugaku
At ISC, Fujitsu will also provide updates on the technology detail and development progress of Fugaku, the successor to the K supercomputer, jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu. Named after Mount Fuji, Fugaku is designed to achieve top-level or peak application performance to solve a wide variety of social and scientific challenges. Having completed the system design, Fujitsu and RIKEN have started the manufacturing phase. Fujitsu plans to productize a new commercial supercomputer using technology created in the Fugaku development process, with global sales due to begin late this year.

Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer solves problems previously considered impossible, today
Visitors to ISC will be able to gain inspiration from Fujitsu’s disruptive Digital Annealer, Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing approach – used to solve previously-insurmountable business challenges. The Digital Annealer optimizes large scale combinatorial challenges, with real-world examples including the optimal sequence of seam welds made by a robotic arm during the manufacturing process on a car chassis, to balancing the risk of a financial portfolio of high value liquid assets in a volatile market, to planning the optimal route for connected vehicles, taking into account traffic conditions in real time.

Integrated solutions leveraging Fujitsu AI software improve quality control, tackle advance design engineering challenges
ISC visitors can also see how Fujitsu FAIR (Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition) uses advanced image recognition capabilities to improve quality control processes for manufacturers through detecting anomalies. Meanwhile, the AI Solver demonstrates fast inference for advanced design engineering challenges – running on Fujitsu PRIMERGY M5 servers, powered by the latest Intel scalable processors with HPC architectures. Additionally, Fujitsu will demonstrate hybrid environment AI workflow management using Fujitsu Software Gateway, made up of an inference engine running both on-premises and cloud-based neural networks.

Glenn Fitzgerald, Chief Technology Officer, Product Business at Fujitsu EMEIA comments: “The Fujitsu booth at ISC this year provides a glimpse of the future, as it is full of innovative and disruptive technology showcases. As well as the very latest technologies, especially our new Deep Learning Unit, the Fujitsu Digital Annealer and a first look at the new Fujitsu supercomputer, we’re demonstrating how Fujitsu is enabling customers to drive trust today, in building profitable businesses that will also benefit society in general. As we outline in the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, enterprises must focus on trust to gain customer confidence. We do this by putting people at the center of our human-centric approach, supported by a powerful technology portfolio that we are showcasing at ISC.”

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Date: 11 June, 2019
City: Munich